Board Members


Rohit Shukla - Board President


Rohit Shukla is the CEO of the Larta Foundation. He is an established thought leader and respected practitioner on innovation, commercialization, and enterprise and technology-led economic development. He has advised governments, multilateral organizations, communities and enterprises throughout the world, creating initiatives that expand entrepreneurship, promote commercialization and enhance the competitiveness of regions across many parts of the globe. Mr. Shukla was tapped by the State of California to author and develop its innovation and entrepreneurship initiative, the California Technology Investment Partnership (CalTIP), and helped to write the legislation that brought the program into being in California.


Brian Fujimoto- Board Secretary


Brian Fujimoto joined the Board of Directors of Public Policy Charter School on August 25th, 2016.  Mr. Fujimoto, whose mother has been a public school teacher all her life, instilled in him the importance of a strong public school system that provides equity in education.   This background inspired him to join the Board of Directors of Public Policy Charter School. He has worked at privately-held Internet Brands, Inc. for the past 18 years at which he has held various positions; Funding Manager, Automotive Operations Manager, and currently, Director of Automotive Operations and Sales. In 1996, Mr. Fujimoto earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside.  


Allan Vivar- Board Member

Allan Vivar is a financial expert with a lengthy background working with public and private entities. In the last decade his focus has been in Charter School finance. His knowledge base includes Budget analysis, forecasting, SACS reporting, Cashflow Management and Federal Program Monitoring.

Currently, he works as the Manager of Accounting and Finance at PUC Charter schools (a well-known Charter Management Organization in the Los Angeles area). Before he joined PUC Schools, he was the Director of Finance at Real Journey Academies, Inc. (also a well-known CMO, in San Bernardino).

Mr. Vivar has also worked as an Account Manager at CSMC (a Back-office provider to charter schools throughout California), a Senior Accountant at LAMP Community, as well as Accountant and financial manager to a miscellany of other organizations.

Public Policy Charter School is proud to have this financial expert on its Board of Directors, and as its Board Treasurer.



Trish Pulos- Board Member

I strongly hold onto the ideal of being a learner in perpetuity. I have been an educator for 20 years and a student for twice as long. While upholding the expectations of rigor, standards, and fiscal responsibility, I expect myself to always be ready to learn something new and for those I lead to also be willing to learn. By maintaining a philosophy of servant leadership, one in which I agree to never ask something of someone that I am not willing to do myself, I define boundaries and expectations for those on my team. I expect for them to lead by example, uphold integrity, treat others respectfully, deliver accurate, timely and relevant information, and be available to serve those who we teach and work with, the stakeholders in our organization. Educating others is my passion and leading them is my calling. I have the drive to lead, the tenacity to stand up for my students and my staff, and the dedication to work for them and with them. I lead by example, I learn by example, and I support by example. My staff trusts I will help them, my students know that I give them my attention and fulfill their requests for help and guidance as I am able, and my supervisor knows that I can be trusted to complete projects on time and within the restrictions required. I place a great deal of pride in staying positive and realistic and remember that those I lead come before me. I lead with a positive attitude, a firm belief that challenges truly are opportunities, a thorough understanding that those I serve are those that deserve my best and an expectation for fairness and effective rigor.  

David Calvo- Board Member

Committed to the ideals of equitable public education, I am a student-centered educator with 25 years of predominantly serving minority student populations. Like most of my students, I am a first-generation college student. Entering public education as a teacher’s assistant, I have since led and worked with multiple schools across the PK-12 continuum in five of the top ten largest districts in the nation. I have been with the Academica network or schools they service since 2005; my previous ten years were with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. I have designed and supported existing schools in California, Nevada, and Florida. I have also participated in varying capacities with local, state, and national education agencies.

PPCS Bylaws

PPCS Bylaws

Charter School Transparency Resolution

Charter School Transparency Resolution

Rohit Shukla

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