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Rohit Shukla - Board President


Rohit Shukla is the CEO of the Larta Foundation. He is an established thought leader and respected practitioner on innovation, commercialization, and enterprise and technology-led economic development. He has advised governments, multilateral organizations, communities and enterprises throughout the world, creating initiatives that expand entrepreneurship, promote commercialization and enhance the competitiveness of regions across many parts of the globe. Mr. Shukla was tapped by the State of California to author and develop its innovation and entrepreneurship initiative, the California Technology Investment Partnership (CalTIP), and helped to write the legislation that brought the program into being in California.


Brian Fujimoto- Board Secretary


Brian Fujimoto joined the Board of Directors of Public Policy Charter School on August 25th, 2016.  Mr. Fujimoto, whose mother has been a public school teacher all her life, instilled in him the importance of a strong public school system that provides equity in education.   This background inspired him to join the Board of Directors of Public Policy Charter School. He has worked at privately-held Internet Brands, Inc. for the past 18 years at which he has held various positions; Funding Manager, Automotive Operations Manager, and currently, Director of Automotive Operations and Sales. In 1996, Mr. Fujimoto earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside.  


Allan Vivar

Bio coming soon



Sujit Govindraj

Sujit is currently a Senior Managing Director at First Republic Bank.  He has been at the Bank for 16 years and currently oversees the Los Angeles Business Banking Group. Prior to First Republic Sujit spent 9 years at Citigroup followed by two years at Union Bank of California’s Private Bank in Silicon Valley.

At First Republic, Sujit’s focus is on banking clients within the Private Equity, Venture Capital and Hedge Fund Industry as well as Non-Profits.

Sujit is married with three children and resides in Brentwood California

Riquaza Zavahir

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Board Agendas

Board Agenda in Spanish 06/16/2020

Board Agenda 06/16/2020

Board Agenda in Spanish 05/21/2020

Board Agenda 05/21/2020

Special Board Agenda in Spanish 05/12/2020

Special Board Agenda 05/12/2020

Board Agenda in Spanish 4/20/2020

Board Agenda 4/20/2020

Special Board Agenda in Spanish 4/3/2020

Special Board Agenda 4/3/2020

Board Agenda in Spanish 3/19/2020

Board Agenda 3/19/2020

Emergency Board Agenda in Spanish 03/13/2020

Emergency Board Agenda in 03/13/2020

Board Agenda in Spanish 2/21/2020

Board Agenda 2/21/2020

Board Agenda in Spanish 1/27/2020

Board Agenda 1/27/2020

Board Agenda in Spanish 1/7/2020

Board Agenda 1/7/2020

Board Agenda In Spanish 11/22/19

Board Agenda 11/22/19

Special Board Agenda in Spanish 10/23/2019

Special Board Meeting Agenda 10/23/2019

Board Agenda in Spanish 10/17/19

Board Agenda 10/17/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 09/26/19

Board Agenda 09/26/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 08/28/19

Board Agenda 08/28/19

Special Board Agenda in Spanish 08/13/19

Special Board Agenda 08/13/2019

Board Agenda in Spanish 07/17/19

Board Agenda 07/17/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 06/26/19

Board Agenda 06/26/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 05/30/19

Board Agenda  05/30/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 04/25/19

Board Agenda 04/25/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 03/29/19

Board Agenda 03/29/19

Special Board Agenda in Spanish 02/28/19

Special Board Agenda 02/28/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 02/20/19

Board Agenda 02/20/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 1/25/19

Board Agenda 1/25/19

Board Agenda in Spanish 11/9/18

Board Agenda 11/9/18

Board Agenda 10/17/18

Board Agenda in Spanish  10/17/18

Board Agenda in Spanish 08/15/18

Board Agenda 08/15/18

Special Board Agenda in Spanish 08/01/18

Special Board Agenda 08/01/18

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